House swap for the lion pride!

Visit the lions in their new homes at Port Lympne Reserve this October half term

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Will you spot the pride in their new home?

Adras, Oudrika, Binti, Kulinda and the cubs have moved!  You'll now find the Port Lympne Pride in their huge new enclosure between the safari drop-off point and Babydoll's restaurant.

The family have been busy exploring the former European bison & Przewalski horse paddock and providing lots of stunning photo opportunities for the keen photographers amongst our visitors.  Will you capture the perfect photo when you visit this half term?  We'd love to see your photos so don't forget to share them and tag us!

Oudrika and cub

The Port Lympne Lion Pride Prowling Their New Home

Photos by our resident photographer, Dave Rolfe.

Young male Khari, has reached an age where he would naturally disperse from the group and is now housed in Zulu & Wilma's former enclosure opposite Babydoll's Restaurant, where he will soon be joined by a new friend. Watch this space!

Zulu & Wilma have settled in to the lion enclosure at the top of the Reserve where they have been greeting our guests at Lion Lodge and Pinewood with an early morning wake up call, and delighting our visitors throughout the day.

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Lion cub at Port Lympne Reserve

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